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Do you constantly feel on edge? Are you worried about the future or think a lot about the past? Is it hard to calm your mind and find a way to relax? If you're stressed or anxious, it can be exhausting and take you away from the things you enjoy. 

Or maybe sometimes you don't want to get out of bed and have no motivation to get through the day. You're not sure about your purpose and often feel stuck. The people closest to you tell you they can't connect with you.

Your feelings are there for a reason and we'll work together to understand them so you can feel more calm and connected. I would like to support you in learning to be present without feeling overwhelmed so you can bring back a sense of purpose and joy to your life.

Fees are $175 per session.


Anxiety and Depression

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Let's chat over a free intro call.

(365) 305-0113

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